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Welcome to ADDmire, a resource centre for parents and young people with Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (also known as ’ADD’ or ’ADHD’) as well as professionals working in the West Surrey area.

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We hope the site is useful if you would like details regarding the provision of care in the region or links to further information on the subject.

Dr Bozhena Zoritch,
Consultant Paediatrician,
Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Update on our ADHD service

Following reports in the local media, we want to update patients and their families with the latest information on our ADHD service.

We have been working with local commissioners, North West Surrey and Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Groups (who are responsible for commissioning local health services), on the best way to provide ADHD follow-up services to children and their families. While we are very proud of the service we have been running, we recognise that we need to work alongside our commissioners to ensure the most appropriate and sustainable service is available for children and families moving forward ... read the full statement
How to refer to our ADHD clinic - A Guide for GPs

We operate a specialist ADHD clinic seeing children who have issues with concentration and or hyperactive/ impulsive behaviour without significant co-morbidity such as Autism, conduct disorder or mental health problems. Children with these co-morbidities should be referred to other service providers.

In order to screen children appropriately, we need this referral form to be completed and parents and teachers to fill in the SNAP and Australian questionnaires.

These are available below:

Australian Scale Questionnaire Click to download in Word format Click to download in PDF format
ADHD Clinic Referral Form Click to download in Word format Click to download in PDF format
SNAP Click to download in Word format Click to download in PDF format

Please use the email address or ask to speak to a clinician on helpline 0193272 (2126), (2538) or (2764) for clarification, if needed.

If you are using the email address above, it should not contain patient details.